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The Only African king Who Refused To Bow To Queen Elizabeth

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In this video we bring to you the Assassinated attempts made on the Queen of UK's life.

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Queen Elizabeth II is one of the wealthiest women in the world. In addition to her substantial personal fortune, she also has some very valuable assets that belong to the British royal family. Here are 35 and more surprising things that Queen Elizabeth owns.

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Stream Full Episodes of Crimes Gone Viral: Season 2, Episode 7: Clueless RobbersA hopeless group of robbers gets themselves trapped in the store. About Crimes Gone Viral:Gripping clips of kidnappings, break-ins, wild car chases, and other crimes rack up millions of views, but the stories behind these crimes are often never told - until now. This series takes viewers inside the most shocking crimes that went viral.

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⁣Lady You Shot Me – life and death of Sam Cooke (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

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This documentary is on General Sani Abacha - Nigeria's 7th Military ruler. This is a re-edition, as the original video was uploaded on the 28th of August 2021, but it was heavily demonetized for reasons best known to Youtube.

Hopefully, everything is resolved now.

General Sani Abacha is regarded as one of the most controversial leaders in Nigeria's history. During his regime, Abacha recorded a lot of human rights violations, several political assassinations, and increased corruption. Many Nigerians regard him as the country's first real dictator.
In this video, we are going to be looking at the entire disturbing story of General Sani Abacha.
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Video Sources:

Recommended Books about Abacha

Historical dictionary of Nigeria by Toyin Falola -

Nigeria during the Abacha years (1993 to 1998) by Daniel C. Bach and Yann Lebeau and Kunle Amuwo -

Nigeria's soldier of fortune by Max Siollun -

Maps by

Sound effects by

Music by Scott Buckley
#bisi #saniabacha
On the 17th of November 1993, General Sani Abacha became Nigeria's 7th Military ruler. He took over power through a somewhat peaceful coup that ousted the interim government of Ernest Shonekan from power. Abacha's nearly 5-year rule saw an increase in human rights abuses, several political assassinations, and increased corruption. Chief MKO Abiola, the winner of the June 12 1993 elections, who was imprisoned during Abacha's regime, died in prison. General Sani Abacha also imprisoned former leaders like Olusegun Obasanjo and Shehu Musa Yaradua and oversaw the hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa and 8 Ogoni indigenes.

All materials in this video are used for educational purposes and fall within the guidelines of fair use. No copyright infringement is intended.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: There may be a few links in this description that, at no cost to you, will earn me a commission if you choose to click them and make a purchase. Don't worry, we only ever promote things that have genuinely helped us.

Copyright © Bisi media 2021

Prologue - 00:00
Part 1: The Beginning 00:42
Part 2: June 12 election 03:47
Part 3: The Interim Government 05:52
Part 4: Abacha Becomes President 07:10
Part 5: MKO is Arrested 09:14
Part 6: Abacha's Cracked Down on Opposition 10:50
Part 7: Ken Saro Wiwa 15:12
Part 8: Abacha's Corrupt Regime 17:22
Part 9: The End of General Sani Abacha 20:46
Part 10: Conclusion 22:25

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This will change your life

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⁣The Gods Must Be Crazy is a 1980 comedy film written, produced, edited and directed by Jamie Uys. An international co-production of South Africa and ...

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⁣Fiddler on the Roof is a 1971 American epic historical musical film produced and directed by Norman Jewison, and written by Joseph Stein and Sholem Aleichem. The film centers on Tevye, a poor Jewish milkman living in Anatevka, who is faced with the challenge of marrying off his five daughters amidst the growing tension in his village. Reviewers praised Jewison's direction, the screenplay, and the performances of the cast. The film received a leading eight nominations at the 44th Academy Awards, including for the Best Picture, and won three: Best Score Adaptation, Best Cinematography, Best Sound

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⁣Fiddler on the Roof was theatrically released on November 3, 1971, by United Artists to critical and commercial success. Reviewers praised Jewison's direction, the screenplay, and the performances of the cast, while the film grossed $83.3 million worldwide on a $9 million budget, becoming the highest-grossing film of 1971. The film received a leading eight nominations at the 44th Academy Awards, including for the Best Picture, and won three: Best Score Adaptation, Best Cinematography, Best Sound

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⁣⁣Fiddler on the Roof is a 1971 American epic historical musical film produced and directed by Norman Jewison, and written by Joseph Stein and Sholem Aleichem

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this film is all about taking quick action on necessities

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⁣Fiddler on the Roof is a 1971 American epic historical musical film produced and directed by Norman Jewison, and written by Joseph Stein and Sholem Aleichem

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it a behind the scene of my photoshoot

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vote for Omoyele Sowore for president under the umbrella of Africa Action Congress AAC

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Hundreds of thousands of birds were dancing in the sky of north Israel, it happens almost every year, take a look

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The story behind the Israeli airforce founding and development

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The Israeli Air Force was born in war, and most of the airplanes were used aircrafts from the WW2, they made unbelievable progress in short period

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Israel is called Startup Nation, Tel Aviv is also a Startup City, one of the top Startup cities in the world,

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⁣Israel boasts for its agricultural technology, it has provided agritech to many countries including Africa, America, Europe and China

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Israel boasts for its agricultural technology, it has provided agritech to many countries including Africa, America, Europe and China

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Jerusalem of Gold was ⁣written by Naomi Shemer, the original song described the Jewish people's 2,000-year longing to return to Jerusalem. Shemer added a final verse after the Six-Day War to celebrate Jerusalem's re-unification. ⁣It's often contrasted with the official anthem Hatikva,

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⁣⁣On 4 July 1976, Entebbe Uganda, Operation Entebbe or Operation Thunderbolt was a successful counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission carried out by commandos of the Israeli elite force at Entebbe Airport in Uganda, ⁣102 of 106 hostages rescued.

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When two sisters shady past catches up with them.

Joseph Asikpo
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Music in My Ears is a channel dedicated to telling Nigerian Music history. We cover the transitions between contemporary music forms that were predominant at certain times in the history of the country. The music forms or genres covered include the Afrofunk or Funk Rock era, the Nigerian Pop era and the Reggae era. Special retrospective coverage of the Highlife and other ethnic music formats like Juju, Fuji and Apala music are given special mention,

Joseph Asikpo
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Music in My Ears is a channel dedicated to telling Nigerian Music history. We cover the transitions between contemporary music forms that were predominant at certain times in the history of the country. The music forms or genres covered include the Afrofunk or Funk Rock era, the Nigerian Pop era and the Reggae era. Special retrospective coverage of the Highlife and other ethnic music formats like Juju, Fuji and Apala music are given special mention,

Richard Shekari
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Dancing and having fun with the Internally Displaced kids. Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria

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Nairobi Animal Orphanage red eye bird

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A good and decent lady tried to do something new one day, and the result was wow.

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A cover of OUTSIDE by BNXN 💕👌

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⁣Bank Refuses Black Man To Enter, So He Buys The Bank And Become Their Boss

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⁣For 36 years, Mona Randolph, 82, has slept six nights per week in a 75-year-old, 700-pound and 6-foot-long iron machine. She couldn't breathe without it.

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A young girl who struggled with loneliness shares her story.

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⁣Interview on metro fm with adaella

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koledowo paul
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Renaldo Kell
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A trip we took in 2012

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Gershwin Gordon teaches us that great businesses are built to last with passion and hard work.

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this video is for the purpose of unity

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The ⁣African Young Musicians' Project, is a project of the African Art Music TV, ( AAMTV).
This project aims to promote classical musicians especially African Art Musicians. There are lots of young talented musicians to be promoted. This project also aims to promote African Composers , Soloists, Organist and all other performers.

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⁣President - Official Trailer

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⁣ Dr Nigel Chanakira Speaks On The Rise Fall of Kingdom Bank

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⁣African Food BEST MEAL at MAGICAL LAKE KIVU in Gisenyi Rwanda

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Patrice Motsepe President of African Football Confederation Shares Life Lessons Under 30 Africa

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⁣ He Pranked Americas Most Racist Man 😂😂😂

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🇹🇿 BBQ: Skewer and salt the meat then place over the fire for an hour.

🇹🇿 BOILED MEAT & INTESTINES: Chop meat and place in a pot. Add water and boil. Add salt. Eat with ugali and homemade ghee.

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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.

If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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⁣Things I've Learned Since Getting Engaged | Jackie Aina

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⁣The Art Of War In Central Africa

253 Views · 6 months ago

⁣The Relationship Between Ancient Kush & India

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ADDRESS: Kamanjab, Namibia

🐑WHOLE SHEEP: Cut open sheep, read it and then chop the sheep into pieces. Boil water then add the meat and allow it to cook

🇳🇦MOPANE WORMS: Pick them from the tree. Lay them out to dry for 2 days. Boil water and add oil, salt and the mopane worms. Serve when ready.

🇳🇦PAP: Boil water, add salt and cooking oil. Add porridge (cornflour) and mix for about 40 minutes.

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▶ Spanish video:
The elephant has always been the most coveted trophy among leisure hunters. Their size – the largest land mammal on the planet – and large ivory tusks have attracted the greed of men who, from the beginning of time have pursued the pachyderm eager for its tusks, its meat and its thick skin.

The devastating slaughters by ivory hunters and the gradual loss of habitats brought on by increased human populations in Africa, reduced an elephant population.

The creation of national parks and a set of international measures including the prohibition of the ivory trade have slowed down what seemed to be a race towards extinction. But for elephants, the future is still uncertain.
One of the best African parks for observing and studying elephants is Amboseli, in southern Kenya.

Elephants play in important role in the ecosystem where they live. They are one of the few animals capable of modifying their surrounding environment which can cause serious environmental problems – and their activity is followed by that of many smaller species.

Amboseli has always been an area where elephants have found protection. The Masai tribe kept poachers at bay and since the creation of the national park the Wildlife Department guards the herds. Consequently, Amboseli is one of the last places in Africa where the elephant population is intact.

The families have members of all ages, from new-borns to matriarchs more than 60 years old. And what is even more rare nowadays, there is a large number of adult males between 40 and 50 years old, when in the rest of Africa few males live beyond the age of 25 since their larger tusks make them the poachers’ first target.

The powerful tusks of African elephants are indispensable instruments. They are tools for digging in the ground in search of water, salt and roots; they are used to remove the bark from trees, as an exhibition element, as a defensive or offensive weapon and as a means of supporting and protecting the trunk. But unfortunately they are made of ivory, which has always attracted the greed of man.
In 1988, an average of three elephants per day were lost to poachers.
The poaching problem not only affects the animals that are killed for their ivory. The death of these adults leaves their offspring helpless; without the group’s protection they have no chance of surviving. Or so it was until David and Daphne Sheldrick arrived at the Tsavo National Park, near Amboseli.

In Amboseli, the dilemma of the elephants lies ahead for those responsible for the park. The elephants are increasing in number and no agreement has been reached on how to control them. But it would be sad to think that man, capable of the greatest scientific and intellectual advances and responsible for the elephants’ situation in Africa, could find no other solution than the barbaric slaughtering of such marvellous creatures.

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Each day thousands of forced migrants flood into Johannesburg in search of a better life. Many have risked their lives to cross South Africa’s borders, and in their desperation resort to the only accommodation they can afford: the slum buildings of the inner city of Johannesburg. The slum buildings are vertical squatter camps – far more dangerous, far more overcrowded, where the fight for survival is brutal and unrelenting. Many of the buildings are hijacked; some are run by slumlords that demand rent from tenants, despite the fact that there is no water or electricity in the buildings. Many of those who cross South Africa’s borders enter the country illegally, carrying the little they own, and often without any form of documentation. They fear deportation and police brutality, and many speak of corrupt home-affairs officials to whom they must pay bribes to apply for asylum or refugee status. They therefore choose to become “invisible”, and are vulnerable to abuse, violence and discrimination.

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In Uganda, young women are leaving their homes to try and find jobs as domestic workers, but for some their new lives can lead to mistreatment and abuse.

A charity in Kenya is calling for the introduction of laws to protect domestic workers, who are commonly referred to as ‘housegirls’, to ensure their safety.

For BBC Africa Eye, reporter Nancy Kacungira has been investigating why young women living near Uganda’s border are leaving their villages to find work in Kenya.


9 Views · 2 years ago

There is no law or moral code for the youngsters of impoverished neighborhoods in the port city of Matadi. In their teenage years, they’ve already earned a reputation as ruthless outlaws who prowl streets, steal from locals, extort money from businesses and fight each other. They called, Kulunas – members of youth gangs infesting Congolese cities. RTD takes a risky trip to follow some of the young criminals to expose their world of violence and drugs.


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In this first episode, Zeinab Badawi travels across the continent examining the origins of humankind; how and why we evolved in Africa - Africa is the greatest exporter of all time: every human being originated in Africa.

During her journey Zeinab is granted rare access to the actual bones of one of the most iconic discoveries in the field of palaeontology, ‘Lucy' in Ethiopia, or as she is known in Amharic, ‘Dinkenesh’, which means ‘you are marvellous’.

Zeinab also spends time in Tanzania with a tribe that is unique in the world because they live in the way our ancestors did, as hunters of big animals and gatherers. This community who have rarely been filmed provide a fascinating insight into how we have lived for most of our history.


5 Views · 2 years ago

Africa Documentaries:

The Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa is one of the world’s most resource-rich countries. A wide range of rare minerals can be found here in abundance, all commanding high prices in world commodity markets. Diamonds for jewellery, tantalum, tungsten and gold for electronics; uranium used in power generation and weaponry and many others. Congo has copious deposits of raw materials that are in high demand internationally but remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

From colonisation, with the horrors of slavery and other atrocities, to a turbulent and equally brutal present in which militant groups control the mines, Congo’s richness in natural resources has brought nothing but misery. Referred to as “conflict minerals”, these riches leave only a trail of death, destruction and poverty.

Under Belgian rule, Congolese labourers were often required to meet quotas when mining different minerals. Failure could mean punishment by having a hand cut off with a machete. The country gained independence in 1960, but that didn’t put a stop to slave and child labour or to crimes being committed to extract and exploit the minerals. Warring militant fractions from inside the country and beyond seized control of mines for their own benefit while terrorising local populations.

For our translator, Bernard Kalume Buleri, his country’s history of turmoil is very personal; like most Congolese people, he and his family fell victim to the unending mineral based power struggle. Born in the year of his country’s independence, he has lived through war and seen his homeland torn apart by violent looting and greed. His story is a damning testament, illustrating how nature’s bounty, instead of being a blessing, becomes a deadly curse.

Misha from Congo:

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Fake or real, truth or lie, how can you tell the difference? Especially in an age where internet use is booming in Africa - up an incredible 20% in the last year alone.

With so many of us out there on social media trying to put our best face forward, the bar seems to be getting higher and higher to look good, have successful work and love lives. But in our lust for likes, are we forgetting who we really are? And are we losing a grip on reality?

As part of the BBC's #BeyondFakeNews season, we went to Nairobi, Kenya to find out.


4 Views · 2 years ago

A documentary on Child/Early marriage produced by the West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF).

20 Views · 2 years ago

In Namibia I decided to see if I could live 24 hours straight in an African Village and see what it was like. I visited the Himba Tribe for this incredible cultural experience.

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In Part 2, Ọnuọra Abụah travels to Togo (West Africa) to learn more about the Vodun spiritual system and of how Europeans have turned it into a thing of evil.

His journey begins at Kamina and Wahala where WW1's first casualties are found. Onuora then heads south to the enslavement house at Agbodrafo before meeting a Vodun priest near Lomé. Onuora concludes the trip with a visit to a Vodun market. What he learns is Voodoo is really just "Good Magic"

#VoodooInTogo #VoodooInAfrica #SlaveryInAfrica #VoodooHistory

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4 Views · 2 years ago

It's is one of the poorest parts of South Africa. But poverty is not the biggest problem here. Dieplsoot is the most dangerous part of South Africa - especially if you are a woman.

Warning: the video has shocking and upsetting scenes.

Details of UK organisations offering information and support with sexual violence are available at, or you can call for free, at any time to hear recorded information on 0800 077 077


10 Views · 2 years ago

Tribes Morton African Expedition | Film history documentary # Subscribe for me # Journey of discovery History World .

I want to understand the world from your point of view. I want to know what you know in the way you know it. I want to understand the meaning of your experience .

4 Views · 2 years ago

An explosion in Lagos, Nigeria rocked the city to its core. 23 people were killed, and a girls’ boarding school totally destroyed.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the country’s state-owned oil firm, said the blast in March occurred as a result of a truck that hit gas cylinders near one of its petroleum pipelines.

But BBC Africa Eye’s investigation indicates this explanation for the cause of the blast, that decimated over 100,000 square metres of the city, is wrong.

Investigation by #BBCAfricaEye


4 Views · 2 years ago

Everything About #AKONCITY You didn't Know.

Akon city is a futuristic #cryptocurrency themed city in #Senegal. The city is currently ready for construction after investors have invested $4 billion. The city was founded by iconic and popular Senegalese-American singer, Akon. Construction of this city was given to a United States engineering firm, K E international.
If you have watched the movie Black Panther, then you should know what to look forward to. Akon city will run using cryptocurrency and have various schools, universities, hotels, a stadium, and much more. This city will be built on the land donated by the government of Senegal. The main purpose of this project is to empower Africans and resolve corruption and high inflation rate problem, using cryptocurrency.

Akon is a popular American singer. His real name is Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam. He was born to a Muslim family on the 16th of April, 1973 and spent most of his childhood in Senegal. He is a singer, actor, record producer, and songwriter. Akon has a highly successful career as he has released and sold more than 35 million copies. The artist has won 5 Grammy awards. Akon has sung in different languages such as Spanish and Hindi. He has a net worth of $80 million.

On the 26th of June, 2018 the singer announced his plans to build a city in his hometown, Senegal. The approval by the Senegalese government came on the 13th of January, 2020.

The first and major announcement of Akon city was made in 2018, and was approved by the Senegalese government in 2020. The first phase of the city is supposed to commence in 2023. According to Akon, the city will look just like Wakanda from Black Panther. It is supposed to be a $6 billion futuristic themed city that will be located in Senegal. Akon revealed that the Wakanda film helped him to secure major investment from partners to launch the start of the project. Furthermore, he confirmed that he already had the idea of the city before he even watched the much talked about movie.

The construction of Akon city was awarded to KE international, which is an engineering firm in the United States. They previously secured $4 billion from investors to begin the first two phases of the city. Furthermore, they are building a green city in Kenya. According to Akon, the green city that is named Mwale Medical Technology City is almost completed.

The major centerpiece of Akon city is that it will have a 5,000-bed hospital. This hospital will cost about $1 billion to build according to reports. The first construction phase of the city will be completed by 2023. This phase is going to include hotels, fire stations, police stations, residences, schools, mall, waste facilities, power plants, and other hallmarks of modernized cities. The main focus of the city will be on solar energy and this will make it renewable.

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