Refund Policy

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Have questions about purchases and refunds? Check out our sales and refund policy.

Refund Policy


In a determination to accomplish customer satisfaction, if the user terminate the service within 24 hours of purchase then we are offering full refund to the user.

How can I get my Refund?

Our refund policies are simple. You can claim refund by:

  1. Call us at our customer care number +1 888 7187 880 or;
  2. Send us an email at [email protected]

Methods of Payment and Refund

When returning an item how you paid for your item will determine how your refund is processed.

Credit / Debit Card – Your refund will go back to the same card you purchased on.

PayPal – This will be debited into your PayPal account straight away.

Unethical order & Cancellation Policy

  • In case of any purchase made through unethical means; by taking advantage of a technical glitch; or by misusing/ the offer terms/guidelines/codes - the particular order/s will be cancelled whatsoever and will not be liable to pay any refund to you in all such cases.

Refund Cycle:

Complete refund process normally takes about 5-15 working days from the date of confirmation of refund.