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This is both disturbing and hilarious!

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Artist, Dad, & Hobbit

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The new system, called Sora, takes a written prompt and renders a richly detailed video through artificial intelligence. OpenAI, which created ChatGPT, said a group of researchers will identify ways the program could be misused. Photo: OpenAI

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Reminder: It’s only been 1 YEAR since the Will Smith eating spaghetti video

OpenAI Sora:

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OpenAI just revealed Sora – an AI video generator that creates hyper-realistic scenes and animated worlds in moments. But the tech isn’t perfect. There are also concerns over misinformation, with OpenAI saying it’s taking actions to get ready for the 2024 presidential election, including prohibiting the use of its tools for political campaigning.

WSJ dives into how to spot an AI video, and the ways this text-to-video tool could shape the future of content creation.

0:00 New AI video tool
1:00 Spotting an AI video
2:28 Landscape and animation AI videos
5:08 Misinformation and industry concerns

News Explainers
Some days the high-speed news cycle can bring more questions than answers. WSJ’s news explainers break down the day's biggest stories into bite-size pieces to help you make sense of the news.

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Winner of the 2024 Runway "Mythical Creatures" challenge. Hope you enjoy it!

- Script: David Mann, Malia Mann
- Video: Runway Gen-2
- SoundFX:, EpidemicSound
- Vocals: ElevenLabs
- Music: The Blue Danube - Leopold Stokowski
- Lalamu

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In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to use, a free AI video generator that can turn any text into a stunning video. is ideal for content creators, YouTubers, and marketers who want to create videos quickly and easily. You just need to type in a text prompt and let the AI do the rest. will generate a script, add stock footage, voiceover, background music, transitions and more. You can also edit the video with simple text commands, such as deleting scenes, replacing stock, changing accents, etc. You can create videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms with Watch this video to see how it works and how you can use it to create amazing videos with AI.

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- Get started with
- Web article that walks through the steps:

00:00 Introduction
00:49 Create account
01:04 Give a topic and instructions
03:40 Preview
04:08 Regenerate video
04:50 Edit media
06:18 Upload media
07:01 Edit script
07:57 Make edits with AI
09:04 Export
09:54 Share and download
10:37 Wrap up

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AI Generated Video made by OpenAI creators of ChatGPT, Sora is too good now.
oh hello there.

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See Sora here:
And Will Smith eating spaghetti:
AI beer commercial:

0:00 - AI generating videos
2:01 - Videogame potential
2:38 - Rapid progress
3:12 - AI fails
5:08 - CGI
5:33 - More examples

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Sean dives into the world of invideo AI, a game-changing AI video tool! Check out the step-by-step process he followed to create an entire video using the power of AI!
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0:00 What is invideo AI?
0:55 Step 1
1:50 Step 2
2:32 Step 3
5:34 Step 4
6:51 Example AI Video
7:53 Earn Income on YouTube

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Introducing Sora, our text-to-video model.

Sora can create videos of up to 60 seconds featuring highly detailed scenes, complex camera motion, and multiple characters with vibrant emotions.

We’ll be taking several important safety steps ahead of making Sora available in OpenAI’s products. We are working with red teamers — domain experts in areas like misinformation, hateful content, and bias — who are adversarially testing the model.

All the clips in this video were generated directly by Sora without modification.

Learn more about Sora:

00:09 Dancing Kangaroo
00:22 Snow Dogs
00:43 River Birds
00:55 Petri Dish Pandas
01:08 Big Sur
01:21 Movie Trailer Astronaut
01:40 Coffee Pirates
01:57 Tokyo Snow
02:09 Cyberpunk Robot
02:30 Candle Monster
02:43 The Offroader
03:04 Paper Origami
03:27 Nosy Cat
03:38 Woolly Mammoths
03:51 Lagos
04:14 Television Gallery
04:37 Cloud Reader
04:59 Miniature Construction
05:11 Gold Rush Aerial
05:38 Fairytale Furball
05:49 Amalfi Coast Aerial
06:12 Tokyo Tourist
06:31 Blossoming Flower
06:42 Art Museum
07:05 Solemn Gentleman
07:28 Eye Close-up
07:47 Chinese New Year
07:58 Surfing Otter
08:17 Dalmatian in the Window
08:31 Tokyo Train
08:42 Zen Garden Gnome
08:53 Flock of Paper Planes
09:16 Lost Lone Wolf

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Today I talked about the new Ai Video Generator "Sora" by Open AI, which generates video and is very uncanny in how good it i. i kind of hate it.

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Sora -
Sora research and more examples -

OpenAI unveiled their groundbreaking AI video model Sora. It's text to video, image to video, image generation, and video generation capabilities blow every other ai video generator out of the water. Sora's text-to-video creates incredibly photorealistic fully generated ai videos in lengths up to 1 minute. This pushes the boundaries of AI content creation with their advanced diffusion transformer model. RunwayML, Pika Labs, Stable Diffusion and all the others are left behind by this release. Cinematic ai videos are here.

0:00 Intro
1:02 Text to video
6:10 Sora research overview
6:39 Image to video
6:55 Extend videos
7:05 Video to video
7:42 Connect videos
8:27 Text to image
8:47 Emergent capabilities
9:30 Limitations
9:58 Thoughts
11:52 Futurepedia