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The 15 African Leaders Silenced By Western World Powers...


There have been several cases of leaders being eliminated all over the world for a variety of reasons, and the continent of Africa is widely known for this. Prolonged dictatorships and the necessity for government reorganization are two of the most well-known causes of several of these killings. The African continent has a lengthy history of its leaders being killed by certain people or organizations typically opposed to the political structure. These individuals used a variety of strategies to oust their leaders, including coups, often known as military takeovers, and strategic assassinations in collaboration with past colonial masters to maintain their political, economic, and social interests.

The assassination of some of these leaders resulted in many changes in the political, social, and economic frameworks of their respective nations and the African continent. This has had either positive or negative implications, and in most cases, the negative results are still visible today.
In today's video, we'll go through 15 killed African leaders and the circumstances behind their deaths. We will also try to identify the people and groups who may have been involved in their murders. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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