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Jesse Lingard Reveals The Problem With Man United Today & Why He Moved To Nottingham Forest | E2

Jesse Lingard is an English professional footballer who has played for Manchester United, West Ham United and Nottingham Forest. He has also represented his country as part of the England national team.

0:00 Intro
02:23 Early context
06:31 Mothers depression
21:07 First break at Manchester United
23:26 Sir Alex
28:44 Gareth Southgate
32:27 Ads
34:20 Why did Manchester United struggle with so many good players?
37:54 Not going to the Euros
39:50 Your mother being admitted to hospital & your depression
47:26 Manchester United losing the control.
57:04 Moving to Nottingham Forest
01:04:01 Your companies
01:11:26 Last guest question

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