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Two Hours of Amazing Animal Moments | 4K UHD | BBC Earth

From animal fights and nail-biting drama through to moments that tug on the heartstrings, we've combined our favourite BBC Earth moments into two hours of unmissable viewing.

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Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of entertaining and thought-provoking natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this.

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00:00:00 Fish Vs Bird
00:06:13 Being a Poison Dart Frog Parent is HARD
00:09:20 Pangolins and Aardvarks Search for Termites
00:13:23 Crab vs Eel vs Octopus
00:18:35 Tiger Cub Meets Her Father for the First Time
00:22:18 Infant Macaque Kidnapped
00:26:18 Impala Miraculously Escapes Jaws Of Leopard
00:30:14 Baby Penguin’s First Steps
00:34:06 Extraordinary Octopus Takes to Land
00:37:51 Lion Trapped by Hyenas
00:41:14 Sharks Feast On Whale
00:45:16 The Deadly Portuguese Man O'War
00:50:25 Flying Fish Picked Off from Above and Below
00:53:35 The Fish That Hunts Pigeons
00:57:07 Tiger Protects Her Cubs from Bear
01:01:05 Crocodiles Sneak Attack Thirsty Bats
01:04:32 Roadrunner's Race Against Time
01:08:33 Bear Cubs' First Trip to the Seaside
01:12:32 Frog Defends Eggs From Wasps
01:16:50 Lion Takes Down Wildebeest
01:20:43 Jackal Pack vs Hyena: Food Fight
01:23:37 Thousands of Cute Penguin Chicks Hatch
01:27:33 Baby Tasmanian Devils Start to Explore Start to Explore
01:31:28 70-Year-Old Sea Snake Hunters
01:36:02 Pangolin: The World's Most Trafficked Mammal
01:38:41 Crane Protects Baby Chick from Deer Herd
01:42:52 Battle Between Two Bull Elephant Seals
01:45:46 The Sex-Shifting Fish
01:51:16 Eel Suffers Toxic Shock
01:55:33 Puffin Hunts Fish to Feed Puffling
02:03:10 Iguana vs Snakes

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