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OpenAI Shocks the AI Video World - Sora Changes Everything

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Sora - https://openai.com/sora
Sora research and more examples - https://openai.com/research/vi....deo-generation-model

OpenAI unveiled their groundbreaking AI video model Sora. It's text to video, image to video, image generation, and video generation capabilities blow every other ai video generator out of the water. Sora's text-to-video creates incredibly photorealistic fully generated ai videos in lengths up to 1 minute. This pushes the boundaries of AI content creation with their advanced diffusion transformer model. RunwayML, Pika Labs, Stable Diffusion and all the others are left behind by this release. Cinematic ai videos are here.

0:00 Intro
1:02 Text to video
6:10 Sora research overview
6:39 Image to video
6:55 Extend videos
7:05 Video to video
7:42 Connect videos
8:27 Text to image
8:47 Emergent capabilities
9:30 Limitations
9:58 Thoughts
11:52 Futurepedia

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