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Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Designer

A Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Designer also know in Japan as a Game Planner for a Japanese Development Company. This is life working in Tokyo in the Japan Game Industry developing games for mobile devices. It includes the average work day and typical working hours of a Japanese office. If you want to learn what it is like working in the Japan game industry then this video should help provide insight on the type of work life and work culture in Japan. Shuta works as a Lead Game Designer aka Game Planner at Colopl. One of the largest mobile game developers in Japan popular for making casual mobile games like Shironkeo Project, Meow Meow and Star Acres. With about 800 employees in their Tokyo office, their creative teams produce a wide variety of mobile games. As a Japanese game planner, it’s important to have strong management and communication skills. It’s not enough to be creative and come up with ideas, but a planner must also be able to organize these ideas, create proposals and specification documents in order to effectively communicate their ideas to their teams. Apparently, it took a total of 7 years of development to complete the game Neko Golf. In fact, the development itself froze after 4 years, but then was later restarted and the team restructured when Shuta joined the team 3 years ago. For many playing the game, they’ll probably never truly understand how much time went into creating it, but for the team I’m sure there’s a great sense of completing the game.

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BAGUS 六本木店

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