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They will listen to your music and if it is original song, they will add it to their playlists. It has to be an original composition. No covers. They are not allowed. Only original work. Preferably pi..

In these times of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and all the other On Demand media outlets as well as watching great shows we are also being exposed to some awesome music.

Sometimes people enjoy the soundtracks to TV shows almost as much as enjoy watching the episodes themselves. For artists, getting your song featured on a successful Netflix original, for example, can open up your music to a new and massive audience?


If you are a composer or musician creating music for film and video, Let's help you submit one of your music tracks to amazing great 10 movies playlist. Think about which one to pick, cause there is only one spot reserved for one of your tracks. Its limited to one submission only.

Submissions don’t have to be professional entries, but will be evaluated for sound and visual quality. We urge you to submit the highest quality video possible. Videos will be uploaded to YouTube, so make sure yours is in the right format.

Film entries must be no longer than one minute. We will not accept any submissions over sixty seconds.

All audio/music included in video submissions must be original content, come from a free source such as those listed on the , or have a usage license for every copyrighted audio/music component included in the film. Videos that use copyrighted music without a license or which violate the license terms of use will be disqualified. You will be required to list your audio/music source(s) and attach a copy of the audio/music licenses for those sources (if applicable) on your submission form, so be sure to keep track of that information.

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