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Today, we will talk about an essential topic, “why should consider  Self-Distribution for our movie?”

For those of us who don’t know, Self-distribution is producing and supplying your movies to your audience without the help

of major or famous film companies. Basically, you bear the responsibility of creating, marketing, and making accessible your film. How amazing will it be for Warner Bros or Universal pictures to find you and take care of everything that has to with your movies? But you stand the chance of losing a lot of money, your films don’t turn out the way you wanted, and frankly, the possibility of them funding your film is quite slim. So, what do you do? You self-distribute! Wait! Wait! Before you think this option is not for you, let me tell you a few reasons why you need to start self-distribution today.


So what do you stand to earn when you self distribute?


If your movie is handled by a film company, they handle everything from approving the filmmaking process to advertising to actual distribution. Because these are also businesses, their first aim is to make a profit from you. Because of that, you are charged a certain percentage of your revenue. Now think of how much money you will save when you are in charge of your own movie. Whenever the workload gets heavy, you can always hire a few workers to help with your project and choose your distribution channel. You will save a lot more money this way.


One major flaw of using film production companies is that they have a reputation to uphold. If your movies have specific values and attributes that don’t sit well with the company, your film can be reformed into something you might not like. But when you are self-distribute, you get the chance to express yourself in the best possible way. You can be as colorful as you want in character and language and your distribution channels. You have a complete right over how your movie is going to be made a distributed.



Thanks to how far the digital world has grown, you can build and grow your audience and interact daily, just through Social media. It is the best way to connect to your fans and colleagues in the film making community. Best of all, you get feedback right from the source. This strategy is the best form of promotion for your business. In another blog, we will talk about using social media and email marketing to promote your project.



Are you still wondering whether self-distribution is for you? Self-distribution brings out the passion in your work, especially when you face building your fan base. Make the first step today and partner with a distribution company that cares about your passion. With Castlly, you have complete control over your movie. Yet, if you need help with other sections like advertising and promotion, we got you covered. All at a standard price that doesn’t eat into your profit margin. So what, so you have to lose? Go register with Castle today.

If you’ve decided to start a film production career but don’t know how to create your first movie, check out our previous blogs, USE LESS, ACHIEVE MORE, and USING YOUR ELEMENTS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. But if you already have a film you are sitting on, and you’ve decided to self-publish your movie but you are not quite sure how to go about it. Stay tuned. Our next blog, we’ll go through a checklist of how to self-distribute your movie.  

Till next time

Writer: Peace Okei

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