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Being on Spotify playlists is the most effective way of building your fanbase.


But most artists have no idea how to write a proper pitch. As a result, the song you've worked so hard on goes unheard.


The purpose of writing a Spotify pitch is to effectively communicate the unique qualities and appeal of an artist or band to playlist curators, influencers, and other key figures within the music industry. The pitch serves as a promotional tool to capture the attention and interest of those who have the ability to feature the artist's music on popular playlists or platforms like Spotify.



  1. Introduction of the Artist/Band
  2. Showcasing Unique Sound
  3. Building Interest
  4. Invitation for Collaboration
  5. Providing Access to Materials
  6. Creating Awareness
  7. Facilitating Networking


Open a channel for communication and networking between the artist or their representative and playlist curators or industry professionals. This can lead to valuable connections and opportunities for the artist's music to reach a broader audience.

In summary, a Spotify pitch is a strategic communication tool designed to capture attention, showcase the uniqueness of an artist.


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