Payment & Pricing

Castlly Payment & Pricing

All Payments are received through Castlly Pay. Of course, you want to feel secure when you make payments online and we set up our secure payment method to provide a safe and simple way to rent and buy great content.

Castlly offers a variety of discounts, promotions, and special pricing as well.

Educational Pricing

Castlly values education and works to promote the spread of knowledge around the world. As part of this effort, we offer discounts for educational resources and media.
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Castlly is dedicated to simplicity and value. In addition to our promotional and discount pricing, we provide extra value through special offers and coupons.
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Castlly is always looking for innovative ways to provide value to our members. We are happy to offer regular promotions and we are always adding new ways to save. Subscribe to the Castlly Newsletter to receive the latest information about promotions, coupons and more!