Media Reviews and Marketing Guidelines

Media Reviews and Marketing Guidelines

Media Review

We are thrilled to support new talent and promote the creative vision of emerging filmmakers. We set out to be both an entertainment platform and an opportunity for artists to share their work with the world.

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Ours is a service that provides specially curated film collections to our customers around the world. Our goal is to create a platform featuring entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else. To do this, we welcome the work of skilled and talented filmmakers looking to build and grow their audience. All media submissions are reviewed and assessed based on our guidelines. Our review process is broken into two parts, technical specifications and content review.

As a producer of high-quality entertainment, we look for the following technical specs in all media:

Apple-based file format - Apple ProRes 422

MF files

Closed captions for audio

Stereo quality sound

Submissions with at least 15 pieces of Artwork

In terms of content, we strive to support creative freedom and to allow artists to do what they do best. We have compiled some helpful tips that will help media producers to achieve success on our platform. What we look for:

Engaging and Captivating stories

Commercial appeal

Complete and well-rounded content

Regional Content


Media with closed captions (Learn more)

New releases, first-run content, festival runs (Learn more)

We are starting something here that is both a revolutionary entertainment pltform and a community for artists. Together, we will grow with the long-term goal of building our own production studio and advancing the careers of independent artists while changing the entertainment landscape for auriences.

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Marketing guidelines

As a media creator on our platform, you have the ability to market your content under our trademark and copyright. This means creators can use the Castlly name and logo to promote themselves and their work under the heading of a trusted media platform.

These marketing tools are available in accordance with our Creator Terms and quality requirements.

All artwork accompanied by Castlly logo and trademark must be in High Definition quality. Through our media review process, we strive to establish a library of only high-quality media and require that all marketing content meets these same standards.

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In addition to the basic marketing tools available to Castlly Creators, content that is found to be of exceptional quality may be selected by our editorial experts for promotion on our site and through media publications.